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The community garden movement in America has been strong and growing for many years. With an increased national focus on sustainability and preserving and growing local food sources, it becomes incumbent upon every community and organization to do what it can to make our Earth a better place. Community gardens can be many things, but at their essence they are a way to connect the residents of the community with nature and horticulture. Door County has a wonderful opportunity to create a garden for our community that will provide a laboratory for learning about how what we eat is directly related to how we feel, and how sunshine, rain, wind, soil, water and wildlife work together to provide us with the building blocks of a healthy life.

The Community’s Garden will be an 8 acre park located on 16th Place, across from Ministry Door County Medical Center and north of The Community Clinic in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The hospital’s board of directors has made a donation of a long-term $1 per year lease for the land to The Community’s Garden, a recognized non-profit organization. Other committed partners in this project are the City of Sturgeon Bay and the UW Extension in Door County.

We are so excited about this unique project. There are, of course, many cities that have traditional community recreational areas, and numerous school campuses that have horticulture classes and nutrition classes, but what makes The Community’s Garden unique is that all of these entities will be collaborating at one location under one mission — the result will be powerful. We’ve been planning! Seeing the City of Sturgeon Bay Engineer sitting in a room with a horticultural therapist, a landscape architect, Master Gardeners, the chef of Ministry Door County Medical Center and a local organic gardener – working together on The Community’s Garden has been a truly inspiring project! This has been an incredibly collaborative effort on the part of every organization involved. We hope you will find ways throughout this web site to become involved, too, and the reality of this dream begins to come true!

The Community's Garden from Boreal Sky on Vimeo.


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