Welcome to The Community’s Garden

The community garden movement in America has been strong and growing. With an increased national focus on sustainability and preserving and growing local food sources, it becomes incumbent upon every community and organization to do what they can to make our earth a better place. Community gardens can be many things, but at their essence they are a way to connect the residents of the community with nature and horticulture.

Located in the heart of our community, we have provided community gardening opportunities but more than “just gardening” we created an outdoor laboratory for learning. We find families spend time together, unplugged. They experience how what we eat is directly related to how we feel. The learn, first hand, how sunshine, rain, wind, soil, water and wildlife work together to provide us with the building blocks of a healthy life. Visit us during the growing season, take a walk on paths throughout the garden and experience the growth.

The Community’s Garden is an 8 acre park located on the Door County Medical Center (DCMC) campus on 16th Street in Sturgeon Bay. Along with DCMC, the City of Sturgeon Bay, and LAKESHORES landscape & design, are active participants at The Community’s Garden. We begin the growing season after tilling and tend gardens through mid November. Each year gardeners learn ways to improve their yield and beauty of their rented garden plots. Join us one day soon on a walking path through the gardens to experience our everyday outdoor learning laboratory.

The Community’s Garden initial year of construction video from Boreal Sky on Vimeo.