Approved Products

In efforts to keep Door County’s soil and water as safe possible, we’ve chosen certain garden products that would do “less harm” to the environment than others. Please choose garden products available from the attached list. New gardening products come onto the market regularly, if you are interested in using a product not currently found on this list, our Operations Committee can review this product for use in the garden. Drop us a written message at PO Box 14, Sturgeon Bay or send an email to

All products have recommendations and specific requirements for their use, please read and follow the label.

Many of these prodcuts can be found locally at garden stores.  Those with an (*) can be found at:  Bonnie Brooke Gardens at 337 N. 14th Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI –  (920) 743-9794 –

For INSECT Control:                   For DISEASE Control:

*Insecticidal soaps                            Bordeaux mixture               *Pyrethrins *Neem (Azadriachtin)                     *Sulfur                                    *Neem oil *Horticultural oils                             *Lime sulfur (to reduce inhalation risks, liquid only) *Pyrethrum                                         Baking soda *Spiniosad                                           Baking powder *Rotenone                                           Citric Acid Boric Acid                                            Potassium Sorbate *Citrus oil                                           *Copper Octanoate Garlic oil                                             Dried Poultry waste Diatomaceous earth                        *Melic Acid Garlic-based pesticides                  Garlic oil Kaolin                                                Peppermint oil *Capsasin                                        *Potassium salts of fatty acids Beneficial Bacterium  (e.g. Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEX 108)

Weed Control:

 Clove oil                                         Household Vinegar  (full strength) *Corn gluten                                 Horticultural Vinegar (can be diluted to 10%) Citrus oil                                        Citric Acid with garlic oil


 *Blood meal                                                                                            Composted yard waste/Tea *Bone meal                                                                                             *Water Soluble Kelp Pelleted chicken manure (available at Fleet Farm)                       *Composted manure Fish Meal (Dramm 920 684 0227)                                                      *Worm castings *Fish Emulsion (Neptune’s Harvest)                                                   Alfalfa meal Feather meal                                                                                            Kelp meal Fish bone meal                                                                                       Humates Soybean meal                                                                                         Biosolids (Milorganite) Corn gluten

 Mulching or Path Options – degradable products such as:

Marsh Hay or Straw that is weed free Newspaper that contains soy based ink (Peninsula Pulse – past issues are available in garden shed) Brown paper (grocery bags) Burlap sacks such as coffee bags (available in garden shed) *Landscape fabric Untreated lumber/boards Leaf mulch Bark mulch (available onsite – SW corner of the garden) Grass clippings (from a non treated lawn)   **Some organic products list the following as ingredients – these ingredients are not recommended: Piperonyl Butoxide Technical (potential water contaminate – highly toxic)  

Other Organic Product Resources:

Safer (offers some organic products, available at most major garden or home centers)