Learning can be found in observing neighboring gardeners. Gardeners often take an opportunity to look around and learn tips and tricks for optimal yield harvests or how to deal with a pesky insect. 

Throughout the growing season, topic specific classes have been offered in past growing seasons. When we offer in-person learning at the garden, information will be posted here as well as on the informational kiosk at the garden. There are numerous learning opportunities online, search for your interests.

Here are some to get you started:

  • https://door.extension.wisc.edu/files/2010/05/210bMasterGardenerHomeVegGuide.pdf
  • https://www.almanac.com/gardening
  • https://hort.extension.wisc.edu/article-topic/vegetables/
  • https://dane.extension.wisc.edu/horticulture/greenthumb/
  • https://extension.umn.edu/yard-and-garden
  • call (920) 746-5984 Door County Master Gardeners Plant Health Advisors, ask local gardening experts advice on:
    • Insect/weed identification
    • Plant disease diagnosis
    • Soil testing
    • Plant recommendations for Door County